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Breaking through the Clutter: Advertising that Works with Gen-Z & Millennials (Part 1)

By nature the digital world is a fractured ecosystem. The proliferation of screens, rise of social media, and creation of new digital media outlets have converged to create unprecedented stimulation. This is acutely felt for gen-Z and millennials. So how do brands break through the clutter? In the hyper-competitive landscape of screens and messages, how […]

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Life Insurance: Connecting with Multicultural Consumers

A 2016 study by the Life Insurance Marketing and Research Association (LIMRA), estimated that 48% of U.S. households have an average coverage gap of $200,000. This unmet life insurance need adds up to over $12 trillion in total market opportunity. So how can brands capitalize on this? We examine the roadblocks that multicultural consumers face when […]

Activating with Cultural Fluency

Can a brand be culturally fluent? Is there such a thing? If so, when does a brand achieve this and and why is this important? We look at the framework through a brand lens to inform activation choices for marketers. If you’re new to this idea, start with Cultural Fluency: A Framework for Winning in Today’s America.

Cultural Fluency: A Revolutionary New Framework for Winning in Today’s America

As part of our 2017 executive Roundtable series, co-hosted by Google and A+E Networks, we unveiled a new framework for understanding culture in America. For years, marketers have been looking at culture through an ethnic-only lens. This no longer works. It’s time to look at consumers from a much broader vantage point. And that’s where Cultural Fluency comes […]

Essentials of Asian Marketing Part 2: Values and Passion Points

Due to the growing interest in U.S. Asian consumers, brands and marketers are asking: Is there a pan-Asian identity or culture? What are their values and passions? Do Asian consumers need or even want in-language or in-culture services? Who influences their purchasing decisions? Should we target the Asian segment as a whole, or only specific […]