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Quick chart: What Gen-Z & Millennials Really Want in Life

We are all human. Despite different traits and experiences, when it comes to basic desires most people want the same things. Of course priorities shift as we age, but fundamental values are more alike than you might think.  In our latest study, we asked gen-Z and millennial consumers what they find most important in life – prompting them to rank their […]


Quick Chart: What Social Media Platforms do Gen-Z and Millennials Love Most?

There’s a lot of press around the demise of Facebook. While we’re not jumping on the “Facebook doesn’t matter” train, it’s clear that there are major changes in preferences around social media platforms among the youngest generations. We asked social media users, “What is your favorite social media platform?” – only allowing them to select one. The results were jaw-dropping.

Mythbusters: Millennials Live in Cities

Much has been made of millennials’ preference for cities. For a long time, the prevailing narrative was that they favored urban spaces relative to the white picket fences of the suburbs. Although there’s been a shift in the narrative as some begin to take a closer look at the millennial urban dynamic, there’s still a view […]

Case Study: Under Armour’s “I Will What I Want”

Most consumers viewed Under Armour as a brand built for men before 2014. Despite that, the company had been incredibly successful raking in $2.3 billion in sales in 2013. However, their product line for women only accounted for $500 million. To address this, they launched a Total Market campaign targeting women, “I Will What I Want.” It […]


An Inside Look at the Hispanic Beauty Journey

Today’s beauty campaigns encourage consumers to embrace diverse beauty standards and think beyond stereotypes.  As the U.S. Hispanic population grows, it’s important to note key differences and similarities between Hispanic and non-Hispanic consumers.  To tease out the nuances of culture as it relates to beauty, we asked the women on our consumer panel about their shopping habits, […]

Hispanic Heritage Month: 5 Winning Campaigns

Companies are eager to win Hispanic consumers’ business as a result of their rapid population growth, increasing purchasing power, and their growing cultural influence. Many companies run targeted campaigns during Hispanic Heritage Month in a play to win their loyalty. We recently asked our consumer community to pick their favorites.   The top picks go to:

African-American Consumers: Cultural Influencers

African-Americans comprise 39 million, or 12.8% of the U.S. population. Although the future growth narrative is not as strong as other multicultural segments, their growth still outpaces Non-Hispanic Whites. They were responsible for 14% of population growth from 2006 to 2012, while the non-Hispanic white population actually contracted.


Hispanics Unbanked: Huge Opportunities for Financial Services

The mandate to drive sales and build loyalty among Hispanic consumers holds true across all industries. This is felt acutely in the financial industry. Driven by economic, cultural, and language factors, Hispanic consumers significantly under-index on banking status and financial products usage. This represents not only huge business upside for financial services companies, but also a […]